2018-11-02 19:28:49
The treatment of Parkinson's patients may find new ways
According to Hong Kong on November 1, "east network" reports, the current treatment of Parkinson's disease is the most effective method of implanted electrode wires and brain stimulator in patients, by stimulating specific brain control condition.But the latest report warned that hackers can through the invasion of the patient's brain stimulator "control" patients.
According to The Daily Telegraph reported, at the university of Oxford, functional neurosurgery and antivirus software maker, kaspersky lab report said hackers invasion of patients with Parkinson's disease through the brain stimulator, and intercepting patient personal information on wireless communication technology, can even took control of the southern stimulator, affect patients, and may lead to pain and even lead to paralysis.
Report warned that with the development and progress of science and technology, the coming decades, hackers will be able to manipulate others through implanted or delete memory, even with these memories as blackmail.
The researchers stressed that although with electrodes to change and improve a person's memory seems plot, but the technology is based on the existing technology, so still has the potential to achieve.
Parkinson's disease is a chronic brain recession, can lead to impaired in patients with brain command muscle activity.