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Retail prices are just one of them.
The price of the company's wholesale goods is relatively favorable, the minimum number of purchases is 100. Suppose, if you purchase A product 50, B product 50, you can make a preferential price.
Purchasing 1000 quantities, 10,000 quantities have different preferential prices.
Suppose you bought 100 items and the goods turnover period is 6 months. After 6 months, 100 items have not been sold, we can recycle, the recycling price is 95% of the original goods. 5% as a loss or cost.
Merchants can safely sell their products, in terms of price, we absolutely guarantee the interests of the business. Give the business a best sales channel. We do retail, but we pay more attention to the interests of the business. Therefore, we will give the merchant a best price.
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