service is introduced

service is introduced is a professional gift delivery service!We have more than 6000 chain stores.We provide delivery service within 72 hours.

About the time of delivery:

In principle, we do not promise to provide delivery service in certain time, for example in the hold (we can only commitment on X day morning or afternoon or sent before 

X).However, if you have special request for the time of delivery, you can choose "timely delivery".We will send you a specific time in plus or minus 15 minutes.If the delivery 

delay for some special reasons, such as traffic problems, unable to contact the consignee, we will not assume responsibility.For timely delivery of the goods, had better be in 

1 to 2 days before placing an order.

Special reminder: during the holiday, we can provide the concrete time service, and specify the consignee within three hours of service.

Our normal delivery time: 8:30 - selves.Rest time delivery need additional fees.

On Christmas day, the lunar New Year, valentine's day, the Mid-Autumn festival, important festivals such as mother's day on the same day, we are unable to meet the demand of 

delivery within a specified time.We can only promise to deliver on the same day.

Most importantly, order to ensure the arrival of the order date, specific time is not available.