About us

About us

Welcome to hahagoods.com

Hahagoods, provide professional entities shop delivery service.We have developed more than 6000 local chain in Asia, we provide delivery service within 72 hours.Professional service, preferential prices!

In the special day for your sweetness, my family and friends choose a special gift!We will be glad to be of service.

Hahagoods, as the industry leading Courier service providers, all gifts can be sent to more than 1000 cities within 72 hours.

Hahagoods has established a mature distribution system.The development of more than 6000 chain stores in Asia.Anytime you love!

Now hahagoods internationalization.Through the cooperation with different local chains in different countries, we can in the local price to send your flowers to any city in the world.

Hahagoods support international VISA CARD, MASTER CARD and JCB CARD online payment, all these method of payment is safe, convenient and quick!

Hahagoods for you and your loved ones have set up a bridge between!Through the network, your lover, your family and your friends are too far apart.No matter when and where, you only need to click the mouse, your love, your emotions will be passed to them immediately.In order to pass your love and feelings, we strive to do your best!

We believe that all customers are very important, our professional staff is committed to make you a happy experience.That is why we always work harder, to make your gifts and perfect shopping experience.Our service is feeling, let you can follow one's inclinationsly freely say what you want.