2017-11-01 21:49:00
Thanksgiving Day
Thanksgiving is the United States and Canada Shared festival, original intention is to thank the god-given good harvest, thanks for indians to help.The early Thanksgiving has no fixed date, decided by the states temporarily.Until the United States after independence in 1863, President Lincoln declared Thanksgiving Day a national holiday.In 1941, congress formally proclaimed the fourth Thursday in November as "Thanksgiving".Thanksgiving holiday usually lasts from Thursday to Sunday.
In 1879, the Canadian parliament declared Thanksgiving Day is on November 6, and a national holiday.In the following s, Thanksgiving dates changed many times, until January 31, 1957, the Canadian parliament announced the second Monday of October each year for Thanksgiving.
In addition to the United States, Canada, and Egypt, Greece, and other countries in the world have their own unique Thanksgiving.
Thanksgiving shopping has become the custom of americans.From Thanksgiving to Christmas this month, U.S. retail sales to 1/3 of the year, is a traditional various merchants sale busy season.Crazy shopping month beginning from the day after the Thanksgiving (Friday), that day is known as Black Friday.Called this name, it is said that because the day Early in the morning on Friday, all people to touch a black rushed to the mall in line to buy a bargain, this kind of behavior has a very image, called Early Bird."Thanksgiving" in foreign countries is as important as the Chinese New Year