2017-08-01 21:46:00
Mid-Autumn Festival
The Mid-Autumn festival is also called the moon and the sections or the mid autumn festival, is popular in many national and states some Asian countries countries traditional culture festival, the lunar August 15
Mid-Autumn festival began in the early years of the tang dynasty, flourished in song dynasty, to Ming and qing dynasties, and has become one of the traditional Chinese festival, the Spring Festival.Influenced by Chinese culture, the Mid-Autumn festival is also east and southeast Asian countries, especially the local overseas Chinese traditional festival
The Mid-Autumn festival, moon, moon worship has the month since ancient times, eating moon cakes, enjoy sweet osmanthus, Set off the lantern, osmanthus wine such as customs, circulates, prolongs.Reunion in the Mid-Autumn festival in the month of the circle of one million people, for their hometown, the feeling of missing loved ones and pray for a bumper harvest, happiness, and become rich and colorful and valuable cultural heritage.
The Mid-Autumn festival and the Dragon Boat Festival, Spring Festival, ching Ming festival and called China's four big traditional holiday.