2021-07-14 17:41:49
Daewoo wall-mounted washing machine($373)

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Model: DY-BGX01
Color classification: cherry pink, Scottish silver, light green, lotus purple
Laundry program: Quick wash, prewash, single shake, single wash, standard wash, self-cleaning drum
Energy efficiency rating: Level 3
Control method: touch
Motor type: direct drive frequency conversion
Gross weight of motor: 21kg
Packing size: 680x605x415mm
Net weight: 18.5kg
Width: 550mm
Smart type: does not support smart
Dehydration power: 150W
Washing kilograms: 3kg
Time to market: February 2021
Maximum speed: 700 rpm
Depth: 342mm
Height: 620mm
Warranty period: 12 months