2021-06-28 19:21:23
HCK small family refrigerator($359)

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Product name: HCK
Odd model: BC-130RDC
Panel type: PCM color coated board
Cooling method: direct cooling
Color classification: light yellow red white
Door structure: single door refrigerator
Freezer model: refrigerated freezer refrigerator refrigeration
Control system: mechanical temperature control
Energy efficiency rating: Level 2
Whether frequency conversion: non-frequency conversion
Stacking layer limit: 4 layers
Gross weight: 37kg
Packing size: 655x670x875mm width × depth (thickness) × height: 550x583x840mm
Net weight: 31kg
Smart type: does not support smart
Maximum volume: 107L
Freezer volume: 15L
Noise: 39dB
Power consumption: 0.45Kwh/24h
Time to market: 2013-06
Refrigerator volume: 92L
Total capacity: 107L
Total capacity range: 101-160 liters
Warranty period: 36 months